WINE line:  when a bottle of wine becomes more than a bottle of wine. Every wine has a unique and inimitable character. Our task is to express this character through the glass container.

Our Group supplies a range of bottles selected from the best glassworks.

Our choice of production facilities starts by examining the quality of the products and then by selecting containers with large production runs and high quality levels.

We have many supply sources so that our products are immediately available:  this sets us apart from our competition.

 … and so a standard container is customized and becomes special. Customizing a standard container is the first step towards giving distinction to a bottle.

Medium or large run bottles are produced and then the Customer’s brand is applied in relief:  the bottle becomes “special”

… and exclusive: A glass bottle is exclusive when it properly interprets specific sectors, improving the image of products intended for the large-scale retail trade, giving them a new look.



Like our Distillery products:  excellent producers and special focus on modern solutions and a creative approach to the market.

In addition to Extra White – white is value, guaranteed contents and the universal symbol of purity – colors include yellow, brilliant green and antique green, burgundy and blue … a dazzling palette of traditional and new colors.

… and silk-screening on glass: Elegant decorations applied by hot silk-screening on any standard or ‘special’ bottle, in an infinite variety of fascinating solutions, giving elegance to the bottle and added value to the image of the product it contains. Other printing processes are also available, such as decalcomania and pad printing, depending on the shape of the bottle, production times, results and costs.

Bottle designs created and registered by Saverglass. Decorated by Saverglass.

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