Our Group at the service of our Customers.

Euroglass is present every day, playing a crucial and global role.

We do not limit ourselves to the sole answers to glass bottles and jars.

Customer Service: this department gathers customer requests, handles them in terms of quality, quantity and timeliness.  The Group, through this service, provides updated information on the products it processes, their best use, on new technologies and innovations in packaging and everything else that offers the market efficient customer service in each local region.

• Marketing Service: provides customers with all-round marketing consulting going from searching for new products on the market to renewed design of existing/standard containers up to study of original forms that result from careful analysis with a single goal: giving added value to the corporate image of each Customer.

• Quality Programming Service:  Euroglass, through the work of qualified people, guarantees the correct supply of products to its Customers thanks to efficient planning in close collaboration with glass manufacturers.  We also guarantee accurate quality control service on the products we distribute.

Among our customers: Today the Group’s portfolio of loyal customers includes the best producers in Northern Italy.

But not only this …

An important and long-lasting relationship has been established with the DOC and DOCG Protection Consortiums.

Euroglass, through these prestigious Organizations, set up to protect both consumer and producer, supports the philosophy, and the concept, of protecting and emphasizing that a specific content be regulated for each specific container.

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