A bottle.  A jar.  Glass bottles for spirits.  Glass containers created from the Customer’s idea and that reflect our concept of design elegance, fantasy and rigor.
Of course, everything starts from an idea our Customer expresses to us:  we listen with attention, gathering all the information we require without neglecting any detail and, if necessary, even giving our own suggestions.
This is followed by creation of a preliminary technical drawing of what the new article, the new product, will be.   This is done using a specific design software.  The next step is to give the Customer the way to see, by creating a 3D model and rendering using a modeling software, an abstract concept that he shared with us and that now has taken shape.
Then, with the help of more graphic design programs, we add all those basic details that will take final form together with packaging and dressing – caps, labels, etc. – so that the Customer has a perfect simulation of the finished product.