Extremely detailed and advanced.

The space we dedicate to décor is truly spectacular.  Accessories and applications.  Glass bottles in limited editions or special series.  Glass bottles and jars that wear flashy sequins or are clothed in elegance.  For special events.  Christmas, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day … To celebrate a prestigious event tied to your brand.  Or to renew the image of your brand.

Years of experience have conducted our Group towards originality in ideas and creativity in design.

Customizing based on two indispensable components:  glass and décor.

A necessary synergy for the most demanding, noble and luxurious of projects.

Every technique for décor on glass, each of our sublime solutions to give you the ultimate in results.

For a glass bottle disrobed of an outdated concept.

Customize your product with colored glass available in a variety of hues:

Blue Ice, Grey Smoke, Blue Moon, Yellow Green, Miel, Water Green, Moka, Jade Green.


Select Colors by Saverglass®

We offer a variety of solutions:

Screen printing, biological colors with characteristics and advantages which are used in organic inks during the decoration process, access to a wide range of colors, vivid natural colors, no use of heavy metals, excellent release, high quality printing – 100% recyclable – innovative and ecological and decal.

We also provide:

acid etching, sand blasting and the assembly operation manual, semiautomatic and automatic wax application, metal, glass and available accessories: medallions, collars and skirts, leather pieces, wax stamps, diamonds.

Bottle designs created and registered by Saverglass. Decorated by Saverglass.