Euroglass S.p.A.: background of the Group that has been leader in glass for over three decades

Euroglass Group has been in the glass industry since 1979, offering a full selection of bottles and jars for the food industry.

It all started with a small shop in Monteforte d’Alpone,  the “Emporio della Bottiglia”, founded by two partners coming from different business trade.

This alliance, in an area with a strong propensity for wineries and vineyards, gave substance to the company and supported its basic policy:  providing small winemakers with oenological supplies, from glass bottles to corks.

Starting with 100 bottles to reach 1000, from demijohns to even larger containers:  numbers grow and, consequently, the “Emporio della Bottiglia” adds a warehouse, the warehouse gets larger and larger, the shop hires accountants, a warehouse manager, a forklift driver…

In 1982 the “Emporio della Bottiglia” became Euroglass and began extending its gaze to Europe:  new prospects open up for research and work with new international partnerships.

In the nineteen nineties a decisive step was taken to enlarge warehouses.  These are years when market trends, the improved image of glass containers and the provision of increasingly sophisticated services lead the company to modernize and enlarge its business and its territory of action.

These were also the years when the first important relationships with important partners and suppliers began taking form.

A strong effort was made to build up a sales group with a big presence in Northern Italy by purchasing warehouses in  Treviso, Parma and Alessandria between 1998 (the year Euroglass became a joint-stock company) and 2000.

Business grew to reach today’s success and affirmation:  the group is a leading distributor of glass containers for foodstuffs in Northern Italy, thanks to quality, assortment and services.

In 2001 Euroglass moved to San Bonifacio but, with an eye on the future and further growth, purchased land in Cologna Veneta.
Here, in 2007, on an anniversary crowning 25 years of business, the group moved to its definitive headquarters.  This is an important event that comes full circle, expressing ability and enthusiasm,  perseverance and the pride of being a market leader in glass, fully aware of its own capabilities.

This lengthy path of growth was rewarded in 2012 by reaching the goal of thirty years of hard work, following in the footsteps of our partners who, today, are multinational glass manufacturers and serious market leaders.  The same leaders who enhance and reward the right Euroglass strategy.